Did you know? Normal feet take 7,000 steps each day?

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Foot Problems

Foot discomfort does not have to be part of your everyday life and in many cases one consultation may be all that is required to obtain effective relief of your pain.

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After initial assessment and consultation we make an appointment for a Biomechanical Assessment. This is a manual assessment in the clinic during which the patient is asked to wear shorts or loose trousers. An assessment of the hips, knees, ankles and feet is the carried out.

The patient is then observed standing and walking (gait analysis). During gait analysis the Podiatrist may take a video recording of the lower legs, ankles and feet.

Plaster of Paris casts will then be taken of both feet. The casts are removed and sent to the Lab either later that day or the following day. Normally the devices are with us in the clinic approximately 3 weeks after the casts have been sent (this may vary depending on Royal Mail and how busy the lab is at the time).

An appointment will the be made for the patient to return to have the devices fitted. Information and advice will be given at this appointment.

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