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Foot Problems

Foot discomfort does not have to be part of your everyday life and in many cases one consultation may be all that is required to obtain effective relief of your pain.

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It is widely accepted by biomechanics specialists that the most common structural problem suffered by the general population is excessive foot pronation. If your heel rolls inwards too much, excessively lowering the arch of your foot and making your ankle bulge on the inside, you have excessive foot pronation! Research has shown this biomechanical condition to be a common cause of many foot and Leg injuries in active individuals, including walkers and climbers.

The most common foot problems associated with excessive foot pronation include arch strain (plantar fasciitis), heel pain (plantar calcaneal bursitis), pain on the ball of foot (metatarsalgia), inner ankle pain (deltoid ligament strain) and shin splints (tibialis posterior tendonitis). Excessive foot pronation may also cause the leg to rotate inwards too much during walking and running, causing abnormal twisting forces within the knee and hip.

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